Fitnessvwork Blueprint
(1-1 Coaching)

I enjoyed the weekly check-ins and really liked when Josh gives in a few extra calls.


School Teacher

All programs, ideas and conversations have helped me to stay on track with noticeable results each week.


IT Consultant

Joshua was always available and was patient with me. Made it easy to be accountable to him.



I’m satisfied with my results and would like to go even further. Quite satisfying


Product Manager

Overall experience was great. The set out meal and exercise plans could be really daunting, but Josh helped me stay consistent throughout.



Joshua is obviously highly intelligent and gives impressively bespoke advice which responds directly to the individual, on both diet and activity including activity outside the gym.



My experience has been professional, I am happy about my results and the weekly calls keep me accountable


Product Manager

I really liked Joshua as a PT and I found the weekly catch-ups beneficial, and the app’s responsiveness and user-friendly interface were notable.


Quantity Surveyor

The dedication to details within my workout and meal plans has been very helpful, the updates have also been super helpful and provide a chance to speak on a comfortable level about the progress I have made so far.


Data Analyst

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and using the time to reflect. I found it useful that I felt the need to deliver results on a weekly basis. 1 thing I always loved was how the page or concept was about navigating fitness and having a work life balance.


Mechanical Engineer

My client experience was top notch, you were always available, kind and professional. Also really great calls, felt a bit like a therapy session which speaks to how considerate you were as a coach.



The process has been planned perfectly, the calls and follow ups. Love it !



Joshua has given me knowledge on the fitness industry in terms of bulking, lifting and nutrition. He also advises me to push myself to my limits and keeps me on track with nutrition.


Logistics supervisor

Starting, I just thought it’s same program like every trainer is selling but there was something about those small Instagram videos that I know Joshua program was real.



Thought Josh was great. Love how responsive you are throughout the week!


Head of Community

Joshua and Matt are super helpful, they always make sure to check up on me whenever they can! Always prepared and guide me through what I need to work on!


Sales Executives

I was always heard by Joshua, he would make corrections immediately or explain why things should be that way. Excellent at explaining concepts and very patient.

Lee anne

Nurse Practitioner

Amazing🤩 Great Coach, well organized and smart!


Software Developer

It feels good to talk to someone who’s encouraging and helping me stay on track.


Software Engineer

Josh is very attentive and detail oriented. He gives advice and schedules according to your goals and timeline. Makes fitness goals very attainable.



I’d say the coaching calls are a 10/10, very helpful to keep it going and making goals.


HR Manager

The coaching calls are very valuable, needed accountability and provided understanding of the journey. It helped with struggles, my results are over the moon!


Sales Manager

The catchups were the most important part and also feeling like part of a community via WhatsApp. You were able to break down a lot myths and fears I had about nutrition and excercise.


Dental Assistant

The coaching calls are motivational, great way to be held accountable.



He is a good lister and understand each person situation, he is always asking questions and following up through out the week, he pushes you to keep you motivated.


Marketing Specialist

Very satisfied! The coaching calls are very helpful and informative.



Great and smart coach. Amazing 1-1 calls, that’s what I was missing over the years.


Financial Planner

Josh went above and beyond and offered me a couple of calls outside our our designated 121 slots and messaged on the app every week + the WhatsApp group. I never felt alone on the plan and Josh never gave up on me and continued to hold me accountable especially when my commitment would waver.


Financial Analyst

I’ve really enjoyed this programme and I received an amazing amount of consistent support from Joshua.


Web Developer

As an extremely busy person with an unpredictable schedule it was helpful and reassuring that the Fitnessvwork Blueprint programme was well organized, structured but also flexible.


Dental Hygienist

Lifetime subscription to app will be very useful 🙂



I appreciate that we are working together instead of just following orders, I also love the group chat with other members like myself.


Office and Operations Coordinator

Feel great, 2months, 10kg lost and more to go. I can always count on the advices that are given.


Logistics Operator

Josh has maintained professionalism & diligence with me as a client. I’ve felt supported and encouraged to ask questions and interact with Josh.


Environmental Engineer

I’ve had no problems, 10 out of 10 experience. Always there for me no matter what.


Aerospace Engineer

My overall experience with Josh has been great, he is always there for support and will tailor your program to what you want


Social Worker

I had a generally positive experience on the plan, in terms of the level of contact and frequency of conversations, learning new things that worked for me and that I can incorporate into a longer term healthy lifestyle.


Construction Manager

Great response time, great detail in regards to options and the app set up, most importantly a keen interest in me achieving my goal above all else.


Data Analyst

Very pleasant overall, the coaching calls have been great.



Great so far, Josh is always helpful to bring better perscpective for accountability and self reflection


IT Manager

Loved the support, a great balance between supportive and assertive to get the required results


Operations Manager

Overall fantastic experience with a great personality and knowledge to help you understand the process of body building


Physical Therapist

I’ve had Incredible results. Everything was great in the program, the workouts, communication, the support and answering all questions.


Radiologic Technologist

There was absolute attention to detail, the app, the 1 on 1 calls.. Joshua strives on understanding the client from the get go and builds a plan accordingly.


Marketing Manager

My concerns or issues were addressed to the coach’s ability. I could reach out to him during the week through the app or WhatsApp, and he would message to see how everything was going.


Civil Engineer

I give it a 10/10 rating.The program has helped me set up new routines, push myself and become more confident. The accountability at first for making sure you meet your targets slowly morphs into self accountability to meet those targets and goals, then pushing yourself to the next target, alongside the support.



I appreciate it bro! Honestly it really means a lot. Seeing these changes happening a real-time really puts things into perspective and shows me that everything I struggled with before is actually doable. This process hasn’t just changed the way I look, but also how I think about exercise and dietary habits! It has been an eye opener and I have you to thank for that.


Data Analyst

9/10 rating for the experience and support I have received. I am also very satisfied with my result.


Youth Protection Coordinator

Support was always really good and I was surprised that you were remembering personal details, schedules, work life and so on. I find the accountability calls stimulating, they help me a lot, I knew I had a boss to report my progress and they helped me stay on focus. I’m really satisfied with the program in terms of result,



I am loving my experience of working with Josh. I have used coaches before but no one has been so responsive and interested in helping me achieve the results I want. The app is very user friendly which makes life much easier for a professional individual training to maintain a work life balance. I recommend Josh all day long to the point my son also is signed up with him.


Accounts Manager

I rate it a 10. I like the flexibility of the program and I find the accountability calls extremely useful


Digital Engineer

The app experience has been superb and very easy to use. I am able to manage my busy schedule and meet my fitness goals. With the addition of face to face sessions with Josh that are both motivating and tailored to my individual needs.



I’m very happy with the attention and the guidance I am getting as a client. So far so good, but I saw that it is possible to push myself more for even better results.


Team Manager

The program really helps me and is a good way to hold me accountable. My coach is very helpful and especially on the gym side of the program I still appreciate the help.


School Teacher

9/10 rating. The gym workouts are fine because I have to be accountable, I find the catch up calls very useful.



The experience overall was good was really able to see the impact of balancing fitness in my day to day and learning how to adjust it personally to me.



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