Fitnessvwork Blueprint
(VIP Coaching)

Watch Video #1:

“Who is Joshua Oguntuase?”

In this video, you’ll get the chance to know a bit more about who I am, my journey and passion.

Watch Video #2:

“Why work with me..?”

In this video, I dive into magnifying why you should work with me, and how my experience and it’s unique approach help my clients get results.

Watch Video #3:

“Why you’ll get results here..?”

In this video, I explain how other programmes and surface level solutions you see within the fitness industry are simply ineffective in reaching your desired goal.

I’ll explain why what I do- works.

Watch Video #4:

“What are your next steps if invited to join vip coaching programme?”

I will talk you through the vetting and examination process which will gear you up for your transformation.

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