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Joining the 60 day challenge was a great learning curve for me as it completely transformed the way I view food and approach exercise. After seeing a friend lose a stone on a previous wave I decided to join the challenge in March 2019. I wanted to be more accountable for my lifestyle choices. Prior to joining I had a bad habit of crash keto dieting when I had an event I needed “to be skinny for” and although it would work at times, I’d always revert back. My fitness routine was equally as disastrous and only involved a 45-60 minute stint on the treadmill with no weight/resistance training. Josh provided a plan that showed me that carbs can be your friend and a low fat diet can be both satisfying and tasty. The plan also introduced weight training, HIIT and LISS to my exercise regime and I feel a lot more confident in the gym. More importantly the support and guidance Josh provides is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. The weekly check ins and reflections prompt you to take accountability of your choices and once I realised I was in control and stopped making excuses I started to see a real difference in my journey.

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Josh's 60 day challenge was pretty challenging at the beginning but with an amazing result at the end. I struggled on the first week due to not being in a routine, so it was hard for me to adapt to the change in lifestyle but Josh was always there to help me and push me to exceed my own expectations. After visibly seeing the results from early on, this motivated me to complete the challenge. Eating regular small meals, gave me the energy not just to complete my workouts, but get me through my day to day tasks. My lifestyle has now completely changed for the better as I now have a better work life balance.

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I started the 60 day challenge heartbroken, depressed and overweight. I finished it in the best mental and physical shape in years. It was by no means easy; the results didn’t come straight away and honestly, I missed eating eba. But when my back rolls melted away and my stomach couldn’t keep bowls upright anymore, I realised hard work really does pay off. Discipline and the art of delayed gratification were the biggest takeaways from the challenge. Excuse me, while I go pick up my size 10 jeans.

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Ahead of starting the 60 day challenge, I didn’t have that good of a relationship with food. Not only was I eating the wrong things, I’ve also come to learn I was generally eating too much of it. As well as teaching me a lot about portion control, the challenge also introduced me to new meals. I didn’t eat smoked salmon that often ahead of my 60 days, but the salmon omelette recipe was really good - it’s something I’ll be keeping in my breakfast rotation for definite. The challenge has also increased my efficiency in the gym. Learning of new routines and circuits has given me the right tools to keep up the training progress in a realistic way, that’s probably what I’ve found most helpful.

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I joined the 60 day challenge because I’ve always struggled with diets and it seemed like a great way for me to kickstart my weight loss. What I love about the programme is that it’s so well structured and Josh is with you the whole way, for encouragement, support, advice and constructive criticism. It helped having someone to be accountable to. The most valuable thing I took from the programme was developing a better relationship with food and learning that I don’t need to starve to lose weight. Definitely recommend!

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I knew that I wanted to lose weight and become stronger but didn’t really have any sense of how to go about it. I needed a guiding hand. I had seen my friend’s success with the 60 Day Challenge and immediately signed up. The meal plan was very varied and I had many options to choose from. The workouts were challenging but they became easier week by week. I checked in with Josh weekly which helped keep me encouraged and accountable. As long as you put in the hard work and the time, you will find success with the 60 day challenge :-)

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Although familiar with the gym before the challenge, I really struggled with my diet. Throughout the challenge I developed discipline in my diet and learnt not to overindulge. Joshua was always an email away with motivation and made tweaks to suit my needs when necessary. The 60 day challenge helped me to get back to a size I didn’t think I could and is the best decision I’ve made for my confidence and my health.

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I really enjoyed doing the challenge, which I did not expect. Working out had always been a chore for me, something I had to do but didn’t necessarily enjoy, and tried to avoid as much as possible. I noticed I’d gotten out of shape, and needed some help getting my act together, which is where Joshua, and the 60 day challenge came in! Joshua was easy to reach throughout the programme, with whatever I needed, and was a great motivator. I started to enjoy eating healthily, as the meals were actually really good, and I started to feel like I actually knew what I was doing at the gym. I also lost more weight than I expected and was really happy with the results!

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Although I've trained since 2012, my eating habits changed in 2018 which led to my weight gain. The 60 day Challenge has transformed the way that I approach training and also my relationship with eating. I don't count calories so to speak, but I understand the importance of a high protein meal which will keep me full until my next meal. I really enjoyed how the guide aims to train all body parts but in different sessions (and if you like weight training, this is the guide for you!) Josh was very helpful throughout the process which is needed when you are trying to lose weight as it can be frustrating. I've lost 10kg in 10 weeks, gone down 1 dress size, feel more active and confident in myself. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

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Joshua’s brand is about more than just exercise and looking sexy albeit a result of his cause. He instilled knowledge in me and made it his goal for me to not need him anymore. His eating plans are sustainable and can be maintained! Joshua also sends out weekly hints and tips to his clients which are always relative and helpful and aids in maintaining his commitment to his clients. I am grateful for Joshua pushing me beyond the boundaries or parameters I set for myself, with him I lost and maintained my 15kg weight loss.

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The 60 day Challenge is definitely life changing, I was initially worried about the meal portions and did not want to starve myself. My meals were very filling and I spent less time in the gym than ever before (45 mins a session) and saw a drastic changes on a weekly basis. Once I got into the routine it became very straightforward and the guide has become the basis of my fitness life. I’ve always felt like I have the cheat code to weight loss ever since I did the challenge.

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I found myself struggling to lose weight and be consistent with my workouts while working full time and being a mum. A friend recommended the 60 day Challenge which I initially thought "I have very little time in my schedule already" but I had a goal to meet by a certain time so I gave it a try. My first few weeks was really tough as my body was adjusting to the meal plan and workouts. I had quite a few lows struggling with fatigue mainly but Josh kept me motivated with his weekly check in and advice to help me push through. My whole mentality on food and controlling my portion sizes has changed for the better. I can say proudly “The 60 day challenge was a great decision"

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I’ve always struggled to stick to any sort of fitness routine. If I tried a new diet it would last for about two meals and I’d be snacking by dinner time. I decided to sign up to the 60-day challenge because I had put on 7kg in a short space of time and wasn’t feeling super confident in my body. Checking in every week helped me to stay on target and I learnt so much about food, portion control and fitness. I’ve lost the weight I wanted and kept it off 5 months later thanks to everything Joshua taught me. The challenge is by far the best thing I’ve done for my mind, body and health.

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The meals are great, and very tasty!! Which is really important when you need that next meal to keep you going. Quick, easy and exactly what I needed from a meal plan. I’ve genuinely loved the workouts! Josh has given me so much confidence in the gym, I now have direction and planned workouts, before I would go and just see what machine was available and train, but now there is purpose to each session. I’ve come into a really good headspace and now have such a positive relationship with training and food and building this into my everyday life. I can’t even explain how good It feels to see the difference in my body, my legs especially as I’ve always hated them..

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When I started the challenge I was 275lbs! I had been working out but I hadn’t been training effectively or eating properly. I’m a vegan so I was very confused, Josh helped massively because he made seemingly complex process very simple. His workouts were fun and straightforward and his support was exceptional. By the end of the programme I had lost 35lbs!!!

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I’ve always been an active person in reasonably good shape so it was a shock to me when seeing a picture of myself after two months living in Dubai; weight gain had slowly crept up on me. The 60 Day Challenge was the solution to this problem. For 60 days I attempted to balance my busy school schedule with my exercise and nutrition with the help of Josh. It was emotional; rewarding, frustrating, exhausting, energizing. There were high and lows. Times when I crushed my targets and others I slipped along the way but ultimately, with the help of Josh and the 60 Day Challenge, I got to a place where I was not only happier and more confident in my appearance, but my mental health improved and my lifestyle choices were also more positive too. I would definitely recommend this journey to anybody!

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So glad that I invested in my health by taking part in the #60daychallenge @fitnessvwork One of the hardest things I've done as I struggle with discipline with food (I have a sweet tooth). The plan was extensive and easy to follow. The weekly check-in were invaluable and I consistently received constructive feedback. I didn't follow the plan to a tee at all times but not only was there a physical difference-I lost about 10kg- I felt a different too. In addition, I learnt about nutrition, effective training and what I am capable of achieving. I would definitely recommend the challenge as a starting point, it is great investment. Thanks Joshua!

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The 60 day challenge was definitely a challenge for me, cutting out naughty foods and sticking to the diet plans was tough I’m not going to lie. Josh came up with a diet plan for me with foods that I liked but that were also healthy. The plan was great, it was labelled clearly and you could see, amount of food, protein, fat, carbs and calories. It was also organised into breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Although I did lose weight, I’m going to be honest, I wish I worked harder as I could of gained so much more from doing it, I wasn’t particularly strict with all of it (I blame the job I was in as I was constantly around food and active lol) Josh was great at trying to keep me on track but as I’ve seen from pictures, everyone else did amazing.

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The 60 day challenge was the best mental and physical test I have ever put myself through. I’ve always enjoyed sport/fitness, but never coupled it with the correct nutrition. A controlled breakfast was mind blowing at first, as I’m the type that can easily devour last nights Chinese to start the day. Discipline and moderation were my biggest takeaways from this challenge and I continue to use post challenge. It was organised, easy to understand and not to mention, provided great support throughout- thanks Josh!! I would highly recommend and totally do it again.

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This program has far been the best l have followed and seen through to the end. The accountability and everything l learnt was easy to implement into my everyday living. Life after the 60day challenge has meant for the first time ever I have been able to go on holiday and not gain any weight all because this is now just a lifestyle. If you put in the work, you will get the results. Simple.

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The complete fitness guide! I’d never tried a fitness plan before and decided to try something new with my partner. It’s genuinely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s very informative from the nutrition and meal ideas to workouts with clear instructions to ongoing support to help you overcome your personal challenges. Helped me lose 12kg so I couldn’t recommend this plan more. Proof is in the pudding, or protein porridge in this case.

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When starting the 60 day challenge I was really excited in terms of a new experience however the first 2/3 weeks was quite challenging in terms of being consistent with the meal prep and shying away from junk food that I would usually eat on a daily basis. One thing that made it so worth it, was the weekly check ins and seeing such a drastic change within my self and improvement that I was seeing became motivation for me to even do better the weeks following. Being in the 60 day challenge has altered to way I see food till now, I still like my fast food but I also find alternatives and have found interest in other healthier options. Overall, I have seen myself grow mentally and physically. Also seeing people around me be impacted positively from my journey as well is amazing. I would definitely do it again.

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The 60 Day Challenge changed my life for the better! I was already an active person however I was not consistent with my diet and training, under the tutelage of the Fitness V work team I was able to trim down just before my trip to the states but more importantly, I learnt a lot about portion control and how my body reacts to certain types of food, etc. The 60-day challenge isn't just for 60 days but what you learn during this time will be invaluable for the rest of your life!

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Before signing up to the 60 Day challenge, my job led me to pick up unhealthy eating habits, and kept me out of the gym, as I felt I did not have the time to exercise. The plan is all about balance, and I learned that you don't have to go to extremes to lose weight. My starting weight was 153lbs and my end weight was 138lbs. Since the plan, I have been able to use the knowledge I gained on the plan to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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I completed the 60 day challenge in April 2018 and since then I have managed to maintain a healthy weight and great physique. The discipline it taught me around portion control and the importance of having a balanced diet has given me a sustainable way to keep the weight off for good. I never thought I would enjoy working out but after seeing the results I’m motivated to keep going! Now I have body confidence and feel comfortable in my own skin which I never thought was possible and it’s all thanks to the 60 day challenge!

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Nobody would blame you for thinking that the 60-day challenge is a quick-fix for getting in shape, but you wouldn't be doing it any justice if that's what you think of this plan. I've found this plan to be a primer for real change! Josh provided me with practical tips and guides that I continue to go back to today. That being said, the results DO come and they DO come sooner than you might expect but that's testament to Josh's knowledge of nutrition and FUNCTIONAL training methods! All in all, the FitnessVWork 60-day challenge is a game-changer!

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I absolutely loved the 60 day challenge. I think that it was absolutely vital in driving consistency in my training and more so my meal prep. I was rewarded when I achieved great results and I felt that the whole programme had a very personal touch. It really helped to make a huge change in my life. Excited for my next 60 day challenge because I know that this is what will really tip me over the edge and smash me through me target.

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Push, Pull and Leg Day, I doubt I will ever forget those days. Joshua's Guide had all the answers to a new body. It was hard but worth it and I'm happy I took part in his 60 day Challenge before wearing my carnival costume. I've learnt a lot from his guide and so can you . 10/10 recommendation

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I highly recommend this challenge to people who love structure, routine and want to be accountable to someone. The tailored meal plan was amazing because it incorporated things that I already ate, showed me that my previous portion sizes were too big and introduced me to Grenade Bars (which are AMAZING). The workout programme is challenging but really do-able and within 2 weeks I saw real changes in how I felt, looked and in my physical strength. Basically I am saying you really wont regret signing up!

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The 60 Day Challenge was an amazing rollercoaster fitness experience filled with both incredible highs and also very dramatic lows. Moments wanting to devour every edible item in your kitchen are trumped by those moments stepping on the scales and realising the outcome of your hard work. It’s a great programme for those already into fitness and in need of nutritional advice to reach body goals, and also fitness newbies looking for some guidance. Josh is a gooden. Highly recommended!

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Before starting the 60 day challenge I struggled with my diet and had no idea where to start with tracking macros. This plan came with an easy meal plan and very tasty options. The work out plan was also easy to follow, with very time efficient work outs to cater to someone with a hectic schedule. Overall though, I would say the best part of this challenge were the weekly check-ups - the accountability and having that tailored guidance when I was struggling was what really helped me to get the results I did. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to start a sustainable lifestyle change!

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I picked up this plan to lose some weight before my holiday and was pleasantly surprised. The programme was easy to fit in around my work schedule and the constant interaction kept me motivated and held me accountable of my actions. The work outs are straight forward and allowed me to head to the gym with purpose which helped with my confidence. I would definitely recommend this as a way to kick off your fitness journey.

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I’ve had a truly exceptional experience. I turned to the programme because my job is extremely demanding therefore I have very little time on my hands so I needed a fitness programme to work around my work schedule. The programme caters for every aspect of your fitness journey and all it requires in return is that its participants demonstrate the required level of commitment. I am testament to the programme’s enduring effects because even after I finished the plan, I continued to train based on its guiding principles. My results say all that needs to be said; I lost 2 stone in 60 days and a further stone over the next 80 days (when training alone, after the programme had finished). I can confidently state, without a hint of exaggeration, that my Fitnessvwork journey has changed my life..

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The 60 day challenge was amazing!! Something I never thought I'd be able to do. From eating once a day (sometimes twice, when I can be bothered) to eating 4 times a day and exercising at least 3 times a week. I didn't get bored of the meal plan surprisingly. The challenge taught me not to force myself to eat something just because it's healthy! It was challenging for me sometimes due to some health issues I’ve been battling with but Josh never failed to encourage me to carry on but at the same time he took everything into consideration and changed up my workout plan when necessary. The 60 days challenge literally helped me to strike a balance between work life and personal life..

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I absolutely love throwing it down in the kitchen. I'd say that I definitely love to cook and eat healthy food l, but I recognised the need for a bit more guidance when it came to my diet. When I found out about the 60 day challenge, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to develop a lifestyle that allowed me to still eat the food that I enjoy, in a healthy way. My wedding was close by and I knew I had to start making responsible decisions regarding my health, not just to look good on the day, but to also be there for the family I was about to start. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and six months on from the challenge, I can confidently say that it is now a lifestyle. #ByeByeLoveHandles.

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The 60 day fitness challenge went above and beyond my expectations. The plan was VERY concise and informative. I found the sign up seamless and the customer service from start to finish was impeccable. From the onset I knew the focus was moving away from the “diet” mindset and shifting to a lifestyle change. I learnt to create habits and change my attitude towards my health and well-being. Most importantly the knowledge gained through the challenge did not only help me lose weight but also, keep it off in the future. My relationship with food changed drastically as I realised how much I was overeating. The recipes were amazing and very quick and easy to prepare. I loved the exercise split, I was able to break free from the monotony that is everyday cardio. The best bit for me was the weekly check ins. It kept me accountable! Overall I loved the challenge. I’m very excited to try the challenge again as I know i didn’t push myself hard enough. Thank you Joshua for taking your time to share such a great experience. It’s appreciated!.

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My time on the 60 day challenge was amazing. I’d always wanted to take full control of my diet and health and this program enabled me to do so. Over the 60 days I lost weight, built muscle, pushed myself and achieved a level of discipline I had never reached before which has informed my fitness life ever since. Long live the 60 day Challenge!.

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Joshua is a fitness sensei! I decided to take part in the 60 day challenge because I was struggling to break bad habits and I needed guidance to lose weight. It’s been the best fitness decision I’ve made because I LEARNT. Joshua breaks everything down so you know why you’re doing it and it’s easy to follow. Everything is covered. This 60 day challenge has left me with better food knowledge and habits to last a lifetime. I would highly recommend! Ps. He even includes plantain in the meal plans..

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I decided to join the FitnessvWork 60 Day Challenge because I heard great things about it from a friend and had just moved to Johannesburg for 6 months, where I was probably enjoying the BBQs and gin cocktails at day parties a little too much! I wanted to tone up and lose weight for the South African summer holiday period in December. Having been a relatively fit and healthy person throughout my adult life, I was so surprised at how much I didn't know. Josh taught me about fat loss vs weight loss. The meals Josh suggested were varied and filling. The exercises varied from short sessions to longer sessions and could be done anywhere. The programme made me love the gym again and focused. I went on three holidays and I took part during the Christmas break but I still managed to lose ten pounds, tone up and feel like I was in the best shape of my life – all in 60 days!.

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Before starting Josh’s 60 day challenge, I was never too conscious of my body weight but I was never as confident when I wore a bikini on holiday. This was why I chose to sign up- I had a trip to Bali looming within two months. He helped guide me on a week to week basis where we were constantly in contact over my dietary needs, how often I was training and how I felt on a week to week basis. Joshua was prompt and very efficient in helping me reach my goal. The training programme also helped me focus on certain muscle groups and exercises which I wouldn’t have thought of myself and training was well catered to allow my training regime to work alongside my job. After the 60 day challenge, I can proudly say I am eating healthier, I’m happier and it’s nice to know that I made a change for the better.

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