Train with Josh

What to expect

  • The service of 1 to 1 personal training
  • Covering fat loss and muscle/ weight gain
  • Access to private PT studio
  • Mobile personal training Option*
  • Complimentary Sport Supplements
  • A meal plan to follow (customised measurements)
  • Customised meal prep option* (additional cost 20% discount)
  • A workout plan to follow
  • Online client log and review system
Train with Me


  • 1. Can you help me with my food?
  • Yes the service of personal training also comes with a tailored made meal plan. I also partner with a meal prep company who can also deliver tailored made meals to you.
  • 2. Do you train clients outside of Dubai?
  • No. I only train clients within dubai who are within a 10km radius from my private studio gym located in JLT.
  • 3. How much do sessions cost?
  • The prices vary depending on how many sessions you plan to book. Click “train with me” to find out more.
  • 4. Do you provide group/ partner training?
  • Unfortunately not. Only the service of 1 to 1 personal training.
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The Dubai stone is real and it wasn’t until I started DXB60 that I realised how much weight I had put on! As the least enthusiastic person when it comes to fitness I was really worried that I wouldn’t see any changes because of my own mindset but the programme completely changed how I feel about working out and eating right. I lost 13lbs/6kg and 2 inches off my waist after the 60 days and since then my attitude has completely changed, as I’m so much more mindful about my overall fitness now!

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Joshua’s brand is about more than just exercise and looking sexy albeit a result of his cause. He instilled knowledge in me and made it his goal for me to not need him anymore. His eating plans are sustainable and can be maintained! Joshua also sends out weekly hints and tips to his clients which are always relative and helpful and aids in maintaining his commitment to his clients. I am grateful for Joshua pushing me beyond the boundaries or parameters I set for myself, with him I lost and maintained my 15kg weight loss.

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I’ve always been an active person in reasonably good shape so it was a shock to me when seeing a picture of myself after two months living in Dubai; weight gain had slowly crept up on me. The 60 Day Challenge was the solution to this problem. For 60 days I attempted to balance my busy school schedule with my exercise and nutrition with the help of Josh. It was emotional; rewarding, frustrating, exhausting, energizing. There were high and lows. Times when I crushed my targets and others I slipped along the way but ultimately, with the help of Josh and the 60 Day Challenge, I got to a place where I was not only happier and more confident in my appearance, but my mental health improved and my lifestyle choices were also more positive too. I would definitely recommend this journey to anybody!